Article: "Music education key to raising literacy and numeracy standards"

Author: Anita Collins

EXCERPT: "Two decades of frenzied research has now found that music education grows, hones and permanently improves neural networks like no other activity. Children who undertake formal, ongoing musical education have significantly higher levels of cognitive capacity, specifically in their language acquisition and numerical problem solving skills. They also continue in education for longer, reverse the cognitive issues related to disadvantage and earn and contribute more on average across their lifetime."

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Article: "Music is in your brain and your body and your life"

Author: Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis

EXCERPT: β€œIn fact, the past few decades of work in the cognitive sciences of music have demonstrated with increasing persuasiveness that the human capacity for music is not cordoned off from the rest of the mind. On the contrary, music perception is deeply interwoven with other perceptual systems, making music less a matter of notes, the province of theorists and professional musicians, and more a matter of fundamental human experience.”

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TEDx Talk: "What if every child had access to music education from birth?"

Speaker: Anita Collins

Speaking at TEDxCanberra 2014, Anita Collins poses--and answers--this question: "What if a large number of scientific studies had found that there was one activity that could improve our cognitive function, help our memory systems to work, help us to learn language, help us to moderate our emotional states, help us to solve problems, and help our brains to be healthier into later life. What if that activity, while beneficial if undertaken at any time in our lives, was actually found by scientists to be most beneficial if undertaken before the age of seven...That activity is music education."

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