We have developed and presented the following workshops to schools and community groups & are continually developing new content based on the latest research in music development, brain development, and child development. We also develop tailored workshops to meet groups' needs as they arise. 

Exec Function Series.png

Series One:
Music & Executive Function Development

  • Music & Executive Function: Songs, chants, and movement techniques to scaffold higher-order brain development
  • Music & Inhibitory Control: Music for turn-taking and delayed gratification
  • Music & Emotional Regulation: Processing feelings and developing empathy through music
  • Music & Working Memory: Using music to foster memory development
  • Music & Attention: Building focus skills through music
  • Music & Cognitive Flexibility: Music for adapting to change and expanding perspective
Class Mgt Series.png

Series Two:
Music & Classroom Management

  • Turn Down the Volume: Using music to help children find inside voices and walking feet
  • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe: Using music for transitions and routines in the classroom
  • From Noses and Toes to Planets and Stars: Using music to anchor core curriculum concepts
  • Circles, Lines, and Snakes: Using musical movement to foster spatial awareness and cooperation
  • High-Low, Fast-Slow: Using music to explore contrasting concepts and foster self-regulation
Literacy Series.png

Series Three:
Music for Literacy & Numeracy Development

  • Music-Making to Prime the Pump: Using music to lay the foundation for learning across all domains

  • Beyond the ABC Song: New ways to use music to scaffold literacy development

  • One..., Two..., Three-Four-Five! Sequencing and chunking with music for pre-numeracy skill development

  • Imagine That! Music to scaffold imagination and storytelling

  • Criss Cross Applesauce: Using music to cross mid-lines and prepare body-brain connections